Monday, May 12, 2014

A Weight loss Update

So, here I am, finally writing about my weight loss journey. You might wonder why it has taken me so long to post anything about this. Well, the truth is that I've been sort of embarrassed/upset. I have been in a plateau for the past several months. Based on a small perusal it looks like I haven't posted anything since November of 2013. Yikes!

Well, in that post I mentioned a plateau but I've actually gained back since then. :(  I started Weight Watchers online program on Friday and on that day I was 271.5. I am already back down to 267 so I definitely consider that a positive turn of events.

In addition to WW I'm also working out 6-7 days of week, plus trying to get a long walk or bike ride with the boys in most days. Someone made the effort to send me a text message last week after seeing me in the front yard and tell me they can see that I'm losing weight. So I'm definitely feeling good.

What really prompted the joining of WW though is that I've been struggling. I did really great when I first started the strict diet with my trainer, but the truth is that it is very strict and very hard. In some ways my body felt much better, but in other ways, I felt worse. I know that I, personally, put too much emphasis on eating... as in sometimes I'm living to eat instead of eating to live, but at the same time food is what brings us together. It should be enjoyable. I should not dread waking up in the morning because I'm going to have eat 5 egg whites for breakfast. That's crazy. And the one cheat day I had often meant I was binging. I'm really hoping that Weight Watchers can help me indulge a little, and keep track. So far that is going well, but I'll hopefully do an update every week.

Another thing that prompted this move to do something different is that we are still trying to get pregnant, and not getting there. It has been a real struggle for me, emotionally and spiritually. I had a great experience at Confession this past weekend and I feel like I'm in a better place for it.  But we know that I am currently 17 pounds heavier than I was when I got pregnant with Dominic and I (and my doctor) really feel that my weight is what is causing my problems. So this month I'm going to focus on my spiritual life as well as my health. Prayers are always appreciated!

And now for some random pictures of the boys!

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