Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Plugging Through the Plateau

I mentioned recently that I'm kind of hitting a wall, or a plateau, with my weight loss. I'm fluctuating between 258 and 261. It's frustrating, but I have a plan. Sometimes when you are doing the same workout routine your body has it figured and you don't lose weight as quickly. So I'm changing things up a bit.

I am still trying to do 60 minutes (minimum) of cardio 6 days a week + 2 days of strength training. I've been doing the elliptical for my cardio, sometimes adding in my stationary bike. I've tried to do some jogging/walking on the treadmill, but it really hurts legs for some reason. So M-F I will go in at 5AM and do 45 minutes on the elliptical, adding any bike I can get in throughout the day. TWTh I will also be doing 60 minutes of water aerobics in the evenings. M evening I will do my arm strengthing and F evening I will do my leg strengthening. Sat I will try to get in my 60 minutes of cardio any way I can.

Whew, that almost sounds like I'm some kind of athlete. It's not getting any easier; well, that's not true, I guess I'm not always sore after my workouts so that is definitely a plus. I've also noticed that I have to work harder to get my heart rate up and it goes down much faster most of the time; this is proving that my cardiovascular health is really improving. Also, yesterday I ran with Dominic from the front of Walmart to the car, while pushing Christopher in the cart, and I wasn't even out of breath! I consider that the best part of my increasing health!

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