Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Vol 14

I'm still struggling when I hear about people having babies, or getting pregnant.  I'm so happy for new life, of course, and so happy for everyone who is getting blessed. But, I'm struggling because we aren't pregnant yet. In order to work through this a bit more, I'm trying to do something tangible, to show my happiness for others. Because, hey--BABIES! So, our friend that Jason works with just had a baby this week and I chatted with her a bit last night and she's struggling to get her milk in and feeling like she's not feeding her baby. So I baked her some "lactation cookies" today and we're visiting them tonight!

Also, delivering those old fashioned oats because they likely won't get eaten fast enough here. :)

Since my weight and measurements went up and I was feeling so sorry for myself, Jason volunteered to do my diet with me. I'm sure he'll drop 20 pounds in a week and I'll be forced to hate him. ;-)

We took Dominic for his speech evaluation this morning and he wouldn't participate very much. The SLP wants us to come back a few days next week to kind of get him used to hanging out with her and re-try the evaluation at the end of next week. She said that she only understood about 3 of his phrases, and she was a little concerned that he tended to fixate on things. For example, she brought out a jar of bugs (which he called Mr. Krabs and Gary), but when the timer went off after 5 minutes, she seemed to think he should be able to switch to a new task (that did not involve toys) without being upset. That does not seem to be the case with Dominic, and it isn't my experience in general. But, my experience is limited. Is this something your 3yo do? Can they switch to new tasks without getting upset?

Speaking of speech therapy, Christopher seems to be participating less with the lady that comes to work with him, but he also seems to be getting new sounds, and trying to communicate a bit more. Hopefully with time, we'll be getting a lot more words.

As I read those last two takes, I'm still feeling guilt. That maybe it's my fault, that I'm not doing enough to challenge them daily, that maybe I'm not engaging them enough. I know that this is likely not the case, but it's hard to see both of my boys needing some help and not feeling like it must be my fault. 

This weekend we are doing a Color Run in Las Animas. Well, I guess technically we're doing a color walk, because we are doing the 2 mile walk. Then, when we get back, Jason is going to do our local breast cancer fundraising run. I'd list the name, but it bothers me because it seems to be making light of an important issue.

Fridays are so hard for me with my diet because we don't usually eat meat but it's hard to get protein in on Friday if the only fish you like is tuna salad. So generally I eat meat on Friday but it makes me a bit sad. Any suggestions for high protein, low calorie/carb Friday meals I'm all ears!

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