Thursday, September 12, 2013

Theme Thursday-Text and a Recap

I'm linking up with the Clan again this week, and we're talking about text today. This fit in with where I was this week; I had to do a continued education to keep up my PTA license (6 hours down 14 to go :-/).

It was  a great class; I learned a lot about dementia and how to treat patients suffering from this with more dignity and to help them get the most out of their therapy. I also took A LOT of notes, it reminded me of being in school and I sort of missed that (shhh don't tell Jason, he might think I want to go back!).

Jason went with the boys and they spent the day playing and I think had a good time. After I was done with the class, we found a splash park for the boys!

It was lots of fun!


  1. Oh my gosh those water park gifs (is that what they are called?) are too cool. Someday I'll figure that out, actually, I won't, so good job, your family is adorable!

    1. Thanks! Well I'm not that good either! Google+ will take your photos that are taken consecutively (and quickly) and create the gif for you. And since Blogger is a Google app it has access to those pictures. :)