Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Favorites (Vol 1)

Five Favorites, hosted at 

 This is my first time linking up with Hallie, I hope I'm doing it right!!

1. Am I the only person who cuts their hair to have bangs only to decide moments later that it was a mistake, not only do you hate yourself with bangs but they are always in your way?! Surely I can't be the only one. Anyway, what is one of my favorite things this week is french braiding my bangs into a headband sort of thing. I tried taking a picture but it was not pretty. So I'll just tell you to watch this video and you can see how I learned. Also, enjoy her finger snapping.

2. This hot wing sauce. I found it at our local Safeway, and I really love it. I'm eating plain chicken an awful lot with this diet, and it makes the chicken not plain and so yummy. It's got a little bite but it's not too bad actually.

3. Speaking of things that make my diet food worth eating? Cucumber salsa on egg whites. And chicken when I'm not eating hot wing sauce on it. And hamburgers. Yum.

4. These boys. They're my favorite every day.

5. Bike riding. Seriously, I can't believe how much I am loving a good long bike ride. I mean, Jason is pulling the boys and I'm just pulling myself along...but that's enough right now, believe me! We're managing to check out parts of Lamar that we don't usually see, and it's been really great!

So, there you go...head over to Hallie's place and check out some other people's favorites too!


  1. I've been hearing the sweet siren song of bangs...but I know the minute I cut them, they'll drive me nuts. French braiding them seems so cool!

    1. It doesn't take me long...much longer than my normal routine, but I don't wear makeup or do a lot to my hair, so that's not really saying much. lol!