Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Making Time

Recently I got sucked back into watching videos online, spending a lot of time on Twitter, blogs, and Google+. These are all okay things to do, there is nothing inherently wrong with them. In fact, there are times when all of these things can be edifying; they can give us the time that we need to calm down, relax, or give us the outlet that we need. But for me, my tendency to go all in with something, I struggle with finding a medium. I struggle with allowing these various things to be edifying and not taking away from my vocation as a Catholic mom. Backing away from some of these things gives me the time I need to focus on my boys and my faith life.

My biggest downfall as a mom is to allow the ease of television watching. I mean, we don't have any actual TV service, but we have a lot of DVDs and those of you who follow my blog know that SpongeBob is a huge hit over here. So I've been working on really being in the moment with the boys. Enjoying their silliness and craziness and just being there. Less SpongeBob and more momma. Even though this is what usually happens:

Dominic: Hi daddy!
Me: I'm momma!
D: daaaaddy...
M: moooommma..
D: Daddy!!!
M: Momma!!!
D: ::giggles:: Hi Momma!

It has been great though just enjoying the time together and the boys seem to be enjoying it as well.

And completely unrelated to these pictures and this post, but this was too funny not to share. Jason was telling Christopher over breakfast on Sunday that he has to grow up some time, that you can't be a kid forever. His breakfast? A large marshmallow, ripped in two with a chocolate donut between. ;-)

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