Monday, July 8, 2013

All The Things

Okay, wow, I was so excited to move my blog over here and get some regular blogging done. Ha! That's what happens when you plan things. A lot has happened since my last post, so this will be a quick rundown of life at the Spano house.

We love dressing up all the same...well as you can see the boys are not completely impressed. This was a little late, we did it on Sunday, but I'm certain nobody minded. :)

I took some drastic measures with regards to my weight loss. I hired a personal trainer. She's given me a diet to follow and I have a workout regimen. I just finished my first week, and what do you know? I'm down 4 pounds!! That's right, I'm at 270 pounds. I'm feeling really good about that, and I'm working out 6 days a week. I go to the gym Mon-Sat at 5AM and do cardio for 30 minutes. Two nights a week I meet with the trainer and do weight lifting, which totally kicked my butt last week! Then 2 days a week on top of my cardio I am going to water aerobics. I feel really great about myself and how things are going.

Christopher's speech therapy has been going well, he now signs "gimme" or "please" depending on who teaches you the signs. We're still trying to get some different sounds in, but it is slow going. We are unsure how much he is hearing, and after meeting with the ENT, there is some concern. His right ear lost the tube before his follow-up visit after the surgery, and they aren't sure if the left tube is still where it should be. All of this means that he has to have a sedated auditory test. I'm pretty nervous about this, but we don't have a date yet, I will update when I can.

 Dominic's vocabulary is seriously skyrocketing. It is so fun! He's started saying "what happened?" when something random happens that he doesn't understand. He likes to say "hi Church/chocolate/bear/Gary/Larry/SpongeBob/anything that he is looking at or playing with" and when he's done with it he will say bye to whatever it was. He has a balance bicycle that he loves riding all over the house, and he's even getting the hang of the keeping his feet up and balancing.

I'd say that's enough of an update for this post...well, you know, it's long enough already anyway. ;-)


  1. You're doing great!!

    Awesome matching shirts! Your boys are so cute.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm trying so hard, I've never tried anything so hard in my life! :)

      I think those boys are pretty adorable too! ;-)