Thursday, June 13, 2013

Theme Thursday - Dads

I'm linking up with the Clan again because Cari is so awesome and I love her link-ups...except for when I can't relate because I don't have any girls in the house besides myself and I already played along with the self-portrait one. ;-)

So this week's theme is dads. While I have a great connection with both my step-dad and my dad, I'm not including them here because a) I don't actually have their permission to put their likeness on my blog and because b) the most important dad in my life right now is the dad to my boys.

Jason is such a good daddy; he walks in the door and immediately is looking for his boys to play with and hug and just be with. He handles everything with them as well as...well let's be real here...better than I do. Aside from breastfeeding anyway.

The one he's wearing isn't even our baby lol, we were watching a friend's little girl

Well, um, that was picture heavy. Ah well...they're cute boys so it's OK right?! Go see Cari and check out more dads!


  1. Cute, cute, cute! :-) Wonderful words and photos!