Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time to Simplify

I will not be having a Facebook presence anymore. I have connected with some really awesome people, and I am going to miss that interaction, but as we find and read about so often, sometimes we are too connected. Right now people can check out Google+, Twitter, here, or Facebook to find out what I'm doing, see the most recent pictures of the boys, or just drop a little note. It's awesome, and frightening; engaging, and time sucking. In short, it is a distraction that I need to limit. I have a hard time focusing on things around our house, playing with the kids, and soon I will be teaching them. I need to minimize distractions. So, Facebook is the distraction that I have chosen to lose. It seems like there are many aspects of it that suck you in, and I am apparently quite susceptible.

So, simplification begins today. :)

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