Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor

Ah so, I'm a geek. I just recently re-read the Lord of the Rings books. I am working on exercising more, and am doing this with a daily walk. So, I've been wanting to do something kind of fun with my walk, and thought about measuring a distance from here to Disney World or something, but thought this would be more fun, as I remembered reading a blog post about it before. So, then I decided, before trying to do a map or something myself, that I would use my best Internet friend: Google. And, I found some great stuff!!!

I am doing this challenge because he already did all the work for me. Including some handy dandy documents. There are links for maps if you want to mark it down on a map even! So neat. And of course you can always use Google Maps.

So, now I just need to remember how to convert miles to kilometers...oh wait, I have Google! Ha! So, everyday I will do at least one post to let you know how much closer to Mordor I am, and how the boys are doing in their stroller for the trip. ;-) Just think if Samwise and Frodo had to push whiney toddlers or babies. Yikes!

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