Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The After Lent Post

So a few random thoughts from our Lenten time.

Wiggly babies make it hard to focus. On the homily, on the Consecration, on jokes the priest makes and on correct postures. On everything.

Wakeful babies make it hard to wake up in the mornings to attend daily Mass. We were doing really well, until Christopher got an ear infection and that threw off his finally getting awesome sleeping schedule. Which brings me to:

Sick babies are sad. Really, really sad. They can't tell you what's wrong with them and it is hard to make them better. :(

Taking toddlers to a park is a great way to spend some time...making a toddler leave the park before they're ready (when are they EVER ready???) is a great way to bring on a tantrum.

When the room is quiet, little ones will sit through prayer routines in the morning. So says Jason, because he got to do it almost every day.

The blessing that is Easter is something that we should try to remember daily. All year long. The gift that Our Lord gave us is something so wonderful and beautiful and I hope we can do even a remotely decent job imparting that to our kids.

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