Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Memories

This post isn't going to be as picture heavy as my past memory posts (read: there are no pictures), because I didn't necessarily picture document this time.

When Jason and I were engaged I was working for a Rehab company called Synertx, and I was getting less than 20 hours of work at the site they had me at. There are lots of reasons for this, but primarily it was because the COTA (Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant) was in charge of the time, and she didn't think that the patients could handle much therapy. Never mind that is what they are there for. But, I digress. Because I was getting so little time there, some traveling jobs opened up so I went for it. I did a one week stint in Cortez, CO covering a vacation, and then they needed me in a couple of places in NM.

My first place was in Alamagourdo, NM and the one thing I take from that was that it was way hot and they don't like bike riders. The facility was a Good Samaritan nursing home and it was awesome. The second place was in Truth or Consequence, NM and it was horrible. The facility was like stepping into every bad thing you hear about nursing homes. The PT and PTA that I was covering for (and everyone else) was doing inappropriate treatments and they were milking the time clock. They were lying about everything they were doing. When I wasn't working at the same level (because seeing 7 patients at one time is inappropriate care), I was singled out, and when I tried to explain why, they didn't want to hear it. It was extremely frustrating.

I was supposed to work 5 weeks, come home for one week and back for 5 weeks. It was 17 hours away from home, so I couldn't really just come back for the weekend to see Jason or our families. So when I came home, Jason's mom and sister and I went to Garden City, KS because I wanted to go to the thrift store there. While we were there I popped in to see my old boss. She offered me my old job back. When I got home to talk to Jason about it, we thought it would be so great so that we didn't have to be separated for quite so much distance at the beginning of our marriage. So, I accepted the position and put in my 30 days notice with Synertx. It was hard because that position was fun in that it was a lot of home health which I really enjoyed. But, I did not like the mentality of the facility's employees. Plus 2 hours from my husband was much better than 17 hours.

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