Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Quiet Prayer in the Midst of My Day....

...uh yeah right. Like I have "quiet". ;-)

Before Dominic was born Jason and I went to Daily Mass together, we often went to Saturday evening Mass as well as Sunday morning. We made it to Confession at least every two weeks if not weekly. We prayed Morning and Evening prayers from Liturgy of the Hours together (as well as midday if we were together and remembered) and prayed the Rosary together.

Now? We are lucky if we pray our regular daily prayers together as a family. We are surprised that it is so hard to fit in, it is humbling as well. Humbling you ask? Well, I think I tended towards pride with how our prayer life was. Now I am happy if I manage to say "Dear Lord please help me" throughout the day. I wish I more frequently said "Thank you Lord". In fact, today I sent a calendar reminder to Jason so that we would remember to pray the Rosary tonight.

We set up a schedule so that we would fit in our daily prayers and even added in time to do some spiritual reading each evening after the boys were in bed. But then Christopher stopped sleeping. :-/ Not completely of course. Just, not for more than 2 hours at a time. Sigh. I am trying so hard to remember that one day I will miss this. I will miss the middle of the night cuddles. We will have plenty of time to pray the LOTH and I will miss the cacophony of musical toys that Dominic sets off and Christopher's nearly constant cooing. We will attend Daily Mass everyday and we will pray for the Faith of our children that we have sent on their own.

So, for now, I will be content with my quick "Lord, please help me" prayers and I will do my best to add more "Thank you Lord" prayers to my day. I will work on asking Our Blessed Mother to help me emulate her in my motherhood. For now, when we don't manage to get our Rosary said, I will be thankful that sometimes Christopher will only go to sleep while listening to me repeat the Hail Mary.

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