Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Project

So, if anyone who reads this (do people read this??) knows me in real life, they will know that I only wear skirts. There are various reasons for this, but primarily it is because I feel more feminine and because they fit my body better. Since I wear skirts all the time, I'm pretty hard on them. So, I go through them quickly. This has gotten expensive. :-/

I have attempted sewing in the past and it has been....um less than successful. We have a quilt that I made for Jason that is...kind of small, and really crooked. Also, it's ugly. :) But it's warm! I attempted making a dress for a friend's wedding. But when I tried to put the elastic in, well, did you know that you have to stretch out the elastic??? Hmmm, well I didn't. Oh yes, and the cutting. It helps when it's cut straight. So, you're asking, why on earth would I try again?? Well, clothes are expensive. We want a big family. It will be a helpful skill to have to be able to sew some of our clothes.

So, I bought a pattern for a skirt (no elastic), and some fabric (by the way, I don't recommend ordering fabric online. My pattern said "linen" would work and it was cheap so that is what I picked out. It kind of looks like curtains.) online and it has been sitting on our table for a few weeks. Two weeks ago I got the pattern cut out. Today I am washing and drying the fabric. So I might get started this week. Well that's the plan anyway. ;-)


  1. What type of skirt do you wear? Straight with elastic waist or buttons? I am asking because I sew a lot. I used to make costumes. I have several skirt patterns I can send to you if you e-mail me your size. Let me know if I can help. Oh and I like reading blog. Love your kids!! They are so cute!

  2. I have primarily elastic waist. Two w/ zippers and the one I'm going to (attempt to) make also has a zipper. How awesome that you can do it! I am a size 18 right now (hoping to reduce that but we'll see) and I'd love some patterns! :)

    Thanks for reading my blog!