Friday, December 9, 2011

Advent, St. Nicholas, and Christmas--Oh My!

As we are in the middle of the Advent season I find myself looking forward to future years when we have more kids that are more aware of what is going on. I listen to what friends do with their kids and read Google+, Twitter, and Facebook updates that describe various families' traditions. I'm so thankful to be welcomed into their home to spy a little bit. To combine things in my mind so that I can pick and choose what we will do in years to come.

Because right now, the boys have no idea what is going on. Dominic does think that the Christmas tree is pretty, in fact, that we don't have any ornaments on so that he can touch it all that he wants. ;-) Although, one of those Google+ers gave us a great idea of doing boughs of greens on the ceilings, where no little hands can touch them, instead of trees. Hmmm...that one's going in the vault.

But, I am so excited to do an Advent calendar, a Jesse tree and putting chocolate coins in their shoes on St. Nicholas' feast day. For Christmas we are still discussing what traditions that we will have. Presents before or after Mass? Lots of little presents and one big present? Three presents total since that is what Christ got? Probably we won't decide until we are in the moment. This year we are not doing presents at all because Dominic and Christopher have no idea what is going on. Poor Dominic is definitely getting the years to come we will probably do something very small for the smallest baby since the older kids are getting something. But he won't know. ;-)

So, what are your traditions?

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