Monday, June 27, 2011

A New-ish Beginning

This week marks the end of my travels to Pueblo for weekends fiilled with work for me and randomly wandering the big city for Jason and Dominic. While I really enjoyed the opportunity to work at Parkview Medical Center, and loved the people I worked with, I am thankful for the end. 5AM is really early and to follow a 5AM wake-up with a 2 hour drive for work is hard! I did get to work with a level of patients and diagnoses that I probably will never get at my hour of work at Prowers Medical Center in Lamar. It has been awesome.

I am choosing this time to stop going because I'm far enough along in my pregnancy (30 weeks hooray! 9 more weeks!!!) that it is getting difficult for me. But, also this week marks my first week taking care of baby Olivia! A coworker of Jason just had a sweet little girl and she wanted someone a bit more personal to watch her so my husband suggested me and I'm so excited! Hopefully this will prepare our household a bit for a second baby.

Well, speaking of Olivia, she's here now! Time to get on the job! :)

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