Friday, September 10, 2010

Losing Sleep

Being parents is hard work. I mean, it's really hard! It seems like our days revolve around feeding, diaper changing and napping; and nights, they revolve around sleeping, feeding and diaper changing. And the kumquat can EAT! We had one night this week that he slept for 4 hours straight, we're holding out hope that it'll happen again, and become habit. But in the meantime, getting up every hour and a half at night is really rough. It's harder for Jason I think since he has a hard time going straight back to sleep, but even though I can hit the pillow and be out (is that a special hormone-driven mom thing?!) I'm still super tired.

But, we know that all this is short-lived. We know that eventually the kumquat will grow up and into his next stages and we'll actually miss this time. We'll miss that he loves being held and cuddled, and when he tells us that he doesn't want to hug us good night, we'll look back on these days with fond memories.


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