Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Knowing Where to Start

So, being a house wife (as anyone who reads this knows already) is pretty hard. I mean, just keeping a house looking nice is hard enough, but then add in some kids (or in my case ONE kid) and it becomes overwhelming.

Our house isn't dirty as in it's gross by any means. I have kept up on dishes and there isn't old food sitting around (that I know of anyway! ;-)), but it's definitely messy. People try to be nice and they say 'lived in', but really it's just cluttery and messy. I wasn't able to do a good deep cleaning before Dominic was born because, well, I was 9 months pregnant and it was over 100 degrees most days and I was so tired! And now, while I'm figuring out I can clean or do other things while he naps, I don't know where to begin.

So I've enlisted the help of my amazing husband; he has agreed to help me do a thorough cleaning this weekend so that it's easier for me to keep up with. Now I won't have an excuse to not have the house spic and span, or at the very least, picked up.

How do you keep your house clean? Do you have a routine?


  1. Hi Jea! I followed your link over from CAF ;). I keep a pretty neat house, because I'm completely neurotic about it. I can't relax at all if my place is messy; a lot of people accuse me of being borderline OCD about it....and they might be right! All I know is, (and to answer your question), I keep my house clean by making it a priority. My daughter is my #1 priority right now, but housecleaning is pretty much #2. Even before getting a much-needed nap. That's just what works for me-- it's probably not healthy so I'm not recommending it lol. But IMO the big secret- the Golden Rule- of housekeeping is to Clean As You Go.

    So once you and your husband get your place as neat as you want to get it, just relax knowing that the hard part is over and if you clean as you go, you won't ever have to do a big weekend deep-clean again! :) But that means....you know, if you pick up a book, you put it back in the shelf right then- you don't set it aside for later. Mail goes in a certain place, and then it gets filed (file systems are great for those big piles of papers we all have!). When you dirty a dish, it gets washed right then- not just left in the sink. When you do laundry, fold those clothes right as soon as they come out of the dryer. Really, it never takes as long as you think it will.....only a few minutes...and then it's DONE and you can relax. :)

  2. ac claire! So glad you decided to check out my blog! :)

    You're so right, if I would just do a little at a time, I KNOW it would be easier. That's what I was doing when I first came home from working in KS. But, then the pregnancy got rough and I stopped keeping up, so then it got "bad" again. Now I find when Dominic is resting, I don't want to clean. LOL! So, hopefully once we get it really neat this weekend, I will be able to take your advice and keep it clean! ;-)