Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Counting Down

37 weeks and 4 days...but who's counting anyway? ;-) Well, at our appointment last week we had the first non-stress test that the kumquat and I passed wonderfully. The little one's heartrate goes up when it should and down when it should, so that is a good thing. They left my chart in the room, and Jason peaked at my urine test results...looks like I was dropping trace amounts of protein, so we're REALLY hoping that it doesn't increase. It is a serious indicator of pre-eclampsia and that would surely send us into labor very shortly. I'd kind of worried about it as my swelling is getting nearly unbearable, but I'm not gaining an excessive amount of weight and my blood pressure has been staying pretty regular, so please keep praying that this isn't the case! We see the doc again tomorrow.

I felt so sure that labor was imminent this weekend, there were tons of contractions that were getting bad/painful towards the end of the days, but it came to nothing. Well, I'm SURE it's doing something, but not sending me into actual labor. :( I'm horribly uncomfortable and pretty sure I'm as big as a house by now! My maternity shirts don't cover my belly anymore unless I have my skirt pulled up really high, which digs in and is painful. So, we went and bought some 2XL and 3XL men's t-shirts...and they don't even look that sloppy on me! :-o

I had a dream last night that I had the babIES! :-o There was a second baby hiding in my dream both were boys but one was 7lb and the other was this gigantic kid, but supposedly only 10lb. That's still a lot of baby! Well, labor was easy in my dream, I'm not even sure I was in the room for it! ;-) I don't expect THAT part to happen!

And, so, the countdown continues...please pray for a good labor and delivery and for a healthy baby Spano! :)

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