Monday, June 7, 2010

Wow, So Much Catching Up to Do!

I'll try not to be too wordy though! ;-) And will try to only talk about important things!

Well, our yard is still in disarray because we can't seem to get rid of the weeds. :( We decided to call some landscaping companies in town to see if we could get some prices on how much they'd charge us to just get it ready to seed. Well, of the three I called, only one showed up to look at the yard, and none of them have called with price quotes so we're on our own I guess. Jason's decided we'll just go for it, so he's going to try to get the sprinkler's fixed this week :) and then we're going to find a weed spray that will hopefully kill the majority of the weeds left. The one landscape guy that showed up DID say that the amount of weeds wasn't really something to be concerned about, and that Bermuda grass will likely choke them out. But, it's a lot of time and money invested and we're just worried that it'll be a waste. So, after we spray again, Jason will level everything off and then we'll seed. And then we'll hope that it takes off! ;-) Everything I've read about Bermuda grass says that you shouldn't plant until it's been consistently above 65 degrees at night and even last week we had a couple of cool nights, so hopefully we still have time. I am sure we can get it done within the month!

This last weekend was Lamar's Relay for Life which Jason is on the committee for, so he spent most of the Saturday day and ALL of Saturday night at Savage stadium. It's a wonderful cause, and Jason is glad to be a part of it. I went over right before opening ceremonies with the mom and the dad and stuck it out until after 10PM! :-O Such a shock!! I only walked the track once, it was an excruciatingly hot day and I was not very motivated to do more than that. After my one round on the track, I went home and went to bed while Jason stayed and did his 1/2 hour on the track for PMC as well as assisting in accounting. I'll let Jason give more details and his opinion of helping out in accounting! ;-)

Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment, I am 33 weeks pregnant now and totally ready for the kumquat whenever he/she decides to make their appearance! :) We'll have another ultrasound to check out the size of the baby, so the doctor can decide if we're on track or too big. Please pray that we're on track; while I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore I'd rather that happen because the baby is ready to come out, not because the doc decides to induce. I think the baby has dropped, and so does everyone else! ;-) I keep getting that comment anyway, so I'm hoping we're all right and the baby is doing all of his/her prep work!

More updates after the doctor's appointment!

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  1. I'm commenting from my phone...
    The big problem with the yard is the chopped up water lines. Some crazy person didn't bury them deep enough. I better not comment on the accounting experience... I don't want my blood pressure getting too high... ;-)