Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wow, I'm Tired!

Almost done with the 34th week of pregnancy, and it has been a doozy! Starting on Tuesday I've had some huge increases in pelvic pressure and braxton hicks contractions. Well, the contractions have not stopped since Tuesday. Not with rest and increased fluid. I mean, it's not CONSTANT, but I've had them continuously, sporadically since Tuesday. So, I went to see the doctor today. He checked and they must just be braxton hicks as I'm not dilating at all. Though, the baby IS super low! I had slightly higher blood pressure today, and apparently it's going up with every visit. :( My blood sugars seem to be getting a little higher as well, especially the fasting ones, and I think that's because I've been awful lethargic lately. Well, it's hard to be motivated to walk when you feel like the kumquat's going to fall out!!!

So, another thing we did today was an ultra sound to see how big the baby is getting and check on amniotic fluid. The kumquat is in about the 60-64th percentile (have NO idea what THAT means), and weighs approximately 5lbs 11oz. He or she is measuring perfectly for a 35 week old baby. Considering I'm technically 34 weeks and 5 days, I'm not really worried about that part. The doctor wants to see me every week, despite my protestations that a 4 hour drive every week is REALLY hard. :( We don't have a whole lot of options on that because the Dr here in Lamar doesn't want to see me if I keep my main care in Garden City. *Sigh* Why do doctors have to be so difficult?!

Last night I asked Jason to turn the fan in the living room on for me, and when he reached up to do it, the chain broke. Fixing that turned into a slightly bigger ordeal than anticipated and we had to get a new switch. Thankfully Jason knows how to do all that stuff! :) Once he got it fixed it was pretty much time for this tired, pregnant girl to go to bed. At 2AM Jason's phone went off, it woke me up but I don't think I connected that the noise meant he had a text message until AFTER I went to the restroom. I told him his phone went off and he checked it and answered it, turns out the guy was trying to get someone else, but didn't put his glasses on. :-@ <--yeah, that's right, that's my angry face!! It's a big enough bummer when Jason has to be on call anyway, but for some person (who was from the hospital) to accidentally text him in the middle of the night?! Oh, if I see that guy, he might just get a piece of my mind! ;-)

Did I mention I'm tired?!

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