Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally, a Decent Answer...

...so, I woke up this morning with cramping/contractions again. I decided that I was going to call PMC and see if I came in to L&D there if they'd check me and if I'd be able to leave. But, of course, the contractions stopped. I haven't had any since I went back to sleep this morning when Jason left. But, I decided calling them would still be a good idea because then if I'm having contractions, I don't have to worry about anything and can just go in and get checked. Well, I finally got a response that was worth hearing!!! Thanks to Lynn at PMC's New Beginnings, I feel comfortable. She did tell me that I'm probably having braxton hicks and that you CAN have them like I've been having them (read: CONSTANTLY), and that they're working on preparing you for delivery. She said if they seem to increase or stay consistent, that I could come in and they'd put me on the monitors and check me. She also said that depending on where I am in labor (if I were in labor) I could still leave. Of course, she also said "are you sure you don't want to deliver here? We'd love to have you!" ;-) I think they'd love to have Jason's baby in there! :) I told her that while our plan is to deliver in Garden City, if my water breaks, I'm not making the drive to KS, we'll head to PMC. That made her happy! ;-) So it was a win/win conversation....I feel IMMENSELY better about everything now!

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