Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekends Should be 5 Days and Weeks Should be 2!

The weekend is just too short! We had a great weekend though! :) On Saturday morning we got up and went to the Lamar Days Spring Sprint and walked 1.5 miles. It was terribly slow for Jason, but a great pace for me! ;-) I hope that next year (when Jason can carry the baby!) we can do the 5K instead...but I might still just walk it! ;-) There was free breakfast afterwards, but unfortunately (for me anyway, fortunately for Jason!) it was breakfast burritos...PMC's breakfast burritos, that I always loved! :( Jason got one, but I had an apple. Then we headed for the parade start at the Co-op, we met up with Louise from PMC and her family's horses and the buggy. We got to pet the horses too...and they were super soft! :) After what seemed like FOREVER we started the parade route. I decided to walk because there were quite a few adults and older kids in the wagon, even though it was supposed to be for the kids, and those who couldn't walk (like the 7 1/2 month pregnant girl aka ME!!!!). I made it from the co-op to just past Safeway, and then thankfully Michelle's nephew wanted to walk so I was able to ride the rest of the way. Jason was holding my jacket along with Louise's and then Louise suddenly realized that she didn't have her phone. Jason went back to look for it, but he forgot to tell me so for the rest of the parade I didn't know what happened to him! Some people from Colorado East were behind us and found the phone and called Jason back (he'd called about 9 or 10 times) and said they'd give it to him back at the co-op. Well, he figured that they would get there fast so he RAN back...ALL the way back....from Radio Shack! :-o It was far!!! And he was feeling pretty out of breath when he got there! ;-) After the parade we went back to the park and enjoyed some bbq! :) It was expensive, but yummy! I paid for it later though as my blood sugar was REALLY high that night...there will be NO more bbq sauce until after the kumquat arrives! I was pretty much toast after that eventful day so we rested for a few hours, went to Mass in Lamar and then Jason took me for a steak dinner at Hickory House! :)

On Sunday we got up pretty early (Jason did let me sleep in until a quarter after 5AM and even had toast going for me!), so we could head to Denver to see his grandma. Despite hitting some construction and then traffic delays in town, we met up with his grandma, Bob, his uncle George and Ruth at the Legion for breakfast. After breakfast we went back to his grandma's to visit for a while. She's not doing so well, the tumor is in a place that makes surgery very unsafe. Not to mention that she is not safe for surgery as she's got a heart murmur right now as well. She is being treated with some steroids to hopefully decrease the inflammation and limit the effects she's getting from the tumor, which include strokes and memory loss as well as some fine motor skill loss. :( She could really use some prayers right now. We left fairly early and stopped in LA to see the Spano fam and played Aggravation (which I totally didn't want to play because well, I don't know, I just don't like it that much) but that I WON!!! WooHoo! Pretty much the only time I've actually won something there! Then Jason came in second!!! We were an awesome husband/wife duo! :) After leaving there we stopped at the Schmidt house and hung out with my folks for a while. We talked about video games and homeschooling! :) So thankful that despite knowing that my parents are maybe thinking we're nutty for wanting to do it...they are supportive and loving about our decisions! :)

It was a great weekend to spend time with family; Saturday was our small, growing family time day and Sunday we spent with more of the family! It truly is a blessing!

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