Thursday, March 4, 2010

Found On Road Dead

That's right... I'm talking about "Ford" vehicles.  My wife's Fix Or Repair Daily piece of junk is becoming a huge pain in my side!  I took it to the Ford dealer early Tuesday to have them look at why the key won't come out and why the steering is so hard.  After several hours of scratching their head, they told me the shifter was bad and they could replace it for $400.00. That will fix the key issue.  Unfortunately they didn't have the diagnostic equipment to determine if the steering problem was the power steering box itself or a PC board that controls it.  Apparently when you are cruising down the road, the computer shuts the power steering off to save wear/tear/gas mileage/whatever.  That may be acting up.  The dealer told me if I left the car overnight they would have the equipment to check it the following morning.  No problem, I have my bicycle, life is good.  Wednesday about noon I call out there and they still don't have the equipment. :(  I have to go work at the Holly clinic and then go to Garden City to see the prettiest girl in the world.  So I ask them bring the vehicle out to me so I can make my errands.  The service department tells me everyone is at lunch, but as soon as they are back, they will have someone drop the vehicle off.  Long story short, no one came out until after 1:40pm and I had to drop him off at the Ford dealership.  What a mess!  If we didn't owe a fortune on this used piece of junk, I'd run it off a cliff! OK, I probably wouldn't... but I've been getting so frustrated with this thing!

I decided to change the oil and top off the fluids.  I picked up 12 quarts of oil (my Durango uses the same weight) and an oil filter at Checker and had to shell out over $50.00.  Yikes!  I did figure out how to shut off the automatic unlock so when I shut off the vehicle and open the door it won't automatically unlock all the doors.  This way I can easily lock it with the key stuck in the ignition.

OK, now that I ranted a little, I feel better.  For those of you that read this entire post... are you really that bored?  Don't you have something better to do?

Until next time...<insert witty comment here>

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